Publications by John Chalker

Classical spin liquids in stacked triangular-lattice Ising antiferromagnets

Physical Review B American Physical Society 94 (2016) 224413

DT Liu, FJ Burnell, LDC Jaubert, J Chalker

We study Ising antiferromagnets that have nearest-neighbour interactions on multilayer triangular lattices with frustrated (abc and abab) stacking, and make comparisons with the unfrustrated (aaa) stacking. If interlayer couplings are much weaker than in-plane ones, the paramagnetic phase of models with frustrated stackings has a classical spin-liquid regime at low temperature, in which correlations are strong both within and between planes, but there is no long-range order. We investigate this regime using Monte Carlo simulations and by mapping the spin models to coupled height models, which are treated using renormalisation group methods and an analysis of the effects of vortex excitations. The classical spin-liquid regime is parametrically wide at small interlayer coupling in models with frustrated stackings. By contrast, for the unfrustrated stacking there is no extended regime in which interlayer correlations are strong without three-dimensional order.

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