Publications by Andrea Cavalleri

Ultra-broadband femtosecond measurements of the photo-induced phase transition in VO<inf>2</inf>: From the mid-IR to the hard X-rays

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 75 (2006)

A Cavalleri, M Rini, RW Schoenlein

We review our work on the photo-induced insulator-metal transition in the strongly-correlated, spin-Peierls compound VO2. Our pump-probe experiments exploit the full spectral range of modern femtosecond science, combining time-resolved mid-IR and visible techniques with ultrafast soft x-ray absorption and hard x-ray diffraction. We also report on the switching behavior of VO2 nanoparticles embedded in Silica or in optical fibers, a new route to incorporate complex, photo-active materials into technologically viable environments. ©2006 The Physical Society of Japan.

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