Publications by Andrea Cavalleri

Ultrafast gigantic photo-response in (EDO-TTF)(2)PF6 initiated by 10-fs laser pulses

SPRINGER SERIES CHEM 88 (2007) 621-623

J Itatani, M Rini, A Cavalleri, K Onda, T Ishikawa, SY Koshihara, XF Shao, H Yamochi, G Saito, RW Shoenlein

We photo-excited a charge-ordered organic salt (EDO-TTF)(2)PF6 with sub- 10-fs optical pulses. The photo-induced metallic phase appeared within 80-fs after pumping, characterized by large changes in reflectivity (Delta R/R similar to 0.8) followed by strong coherent phonon modulation.

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