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High-<inf>p T</inf> and jets. a summary of results from quark matter 2012

Nuclear Physics A 904-905 (2013) 326c-333c

J Casalderrey Solana, A Milov

A broad range of new experimental data and theoretical results on the properties of hadronic matter under extreme conditions have been reported at Quark Matter 2012 conference. At this conference the scientific community was presented with a variety of measurements from the 2011 lead-lead LHC run using hard probe observables. Many measurements, such as boson-jet correlations, production rates of the b-jets, high precision jet fragmentation and others were shown for the first time. The new data from the LHC was matched by new techniques and analyses coming from RHIC experiments. This proceedings article summarises the new measurements with high-p T particles and jets and attempts to provide a theoretical explanation for the novel results presented at the conference. © 2013.

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