Publications by Jorge Casalderrey-Solana

From full stopping to transparency in a holographic model of heavy ion collisions.

Physical review letters 111 (2013) 181601-

J Casalderrey-Solana, MP Heller, D Mateos, W van der Schee

We numerically simulate planar shock wave collisions in anti-de Sitter space as a model for heavy ion collisions of large nuclei. We uncover a crossover between two different dynamical regimes as a function of the collision energy. At low energies the shocks first stop and then explode in a manner approximately described by hydrodynamics, in close similarity with the Landau model. At high energies the receding fragments move outwards at the speed of light, with a region of negative energy density and negative longitudinal pressure trailing behind them. The rapidity distribution of the energy density at late times around midrapidity is not approximately boost invariant but Gaussian, albeit with a width that increases with the collision energy.

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