Fabrizio Caola

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Fabrizio Caola

Associate Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics

I am a theoretical particle physicists working on QCD and collider phenomenology.

I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Milan in 2011. I then was a post-doc at Johns Hopkins University and a CERN Fellow, before moving to Durham University where I was a lecturer in the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology. I also spent some time at Fermilab as a Fulbright Visiting Research Fellow and in the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as a visiting scientist.

Currently, my main interest lies in developing the quantum field theory techniques needed to obtain high precision predictions for key collider processes, and in their application for state-of-the-art phenomenology at the LHC. You can have a look at my papers here.

I am a tutorial fellow at Wadham college. This term I will be tutoring Quantum Mechanics and Optics.