Publications by Berislav Buca

Exactly solvable counting statistics in open weakly coupled interacting spin systems.

Physical review letters 112 (2014) 067201-

B Buča, T Prosen

We study the full counting statistics for interacting quantum many-body spin systems weakly coupled to the environment. In the leading order in the system-bath coupling, we derive exact spin current statistics for a large class of parity symmetric spin-1/2 systems driven by a pair of Markovian baths with local coupling operators. Interestingly, in this class of systems the leading-order current statistics are universal and do not depend on details of the Hamiltonian. Furthermore, in the specific case of a symmetrically boundary driven anisotropic Heisenberg (XXZ) spin-1/2 chain, we explicitly derive the third-order nonlinear corrections to the current statistics.

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