Publications by Berislav Buca

Quantum synchronisation enabled by dynamical symmetries and dissipation

New Journal of Physics IOP Publishing 22 (2019) 013026-

J Tindall, CS Munoz, B Buca, D Jaksch

In nature, instances of synchronisation abound across a diverse range of environments. In the quantum regime, however, synchronisation is typically observed by identifying an appropriate parameter regime in a specific system. In this work we show that this need not be the case, identifying symmetry-based conditions which, when satisfied, guarantee completely synchronous, entangled limit cycles between the individual constituents of a generic open quantum system - no restrictions are placed on its microscopic details. We describe these systems as posssessing a strong dynamical symmetry and we prove that, to first order, they are completely robust to symmetry-breaking perturbations. Using these ideas we identify two central examples where synchronisation arises via this qualitatively new mechanism: a chain of quadratically dephased spin-1s and the many-body charge-dephased Hubbard model. In both cases, due to their dynamical symmetries, perfect phase-locking occurs throughout the system, regardless of the specific microscopic parameters or initial states. Furthermore, when these systems are perturbed, their non-linear responses elicit long-lived signatures of both phase and frequency-locking.

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