Publications by Donal Bradley

Supramolecular polymer–molecule complexes as gain media for ultraviolet lasers

ACS Macro Letters American Chemical Society 5 (2016) 967-971

J-Y Lin, G-Y Zhu, B Liu, M-N Yu, X-H Wang, L Wang, W-S Zhu, L-H Xie, C-X Xu, J-P Wang, P Stavrinou, DDC Bradley, W Huang

A novel supramolecular system comprising a complex of 9,9′-diphenyl-9H,9′H-2,2′-bifluorene-9,9′-diol (DPFOH) with poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) is presented as an attractive system for optical gain in the ultraviolet. The analogue compound 9,9′-diphenyl-9H,9′H-2,2′-bifluorene (DPFO8) without an -OH substituent was synthesized alongside DPFOH to confirm the importance of its chemical structure to the thin-film microstructure. A hydrogen-bonding interaction allows the molecule such as DPFOH and a combination of DPFOH and PMMA to have an excellent solution-processed high quality coating film. In stark contrast to the DPFO8 system, we find that the addition of 1 wt % DPFOH to PMMA leads to spontaneous formation of a supramolecular complex via hydrogen bonding interactions, giving rise to a homogeneous film with relatively high photoluminescence quantum efficiency ∼38 (±5)%. The demonstration of ultraviolet laser action with peak wavelength emission at 385 nm provided further evidence of the high optical quality of the DPFOH/PMMA supramolecular complex films. The DPFOH/PMMA supramolecular complex has great potential for use in low-cost solution-processed optoelectronic devices.

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