Daniela Bortoletto

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Daniela Bortoletto



Professor University of Oxford 2013-present
Senior Kurti Fellow at Brasenose College 2015-present
E. M. Purcell Distinguished Professor Purdue University 2009-2013
Professor Purdue University 2001-2009
Associate Professor Purdue University 1995-2001
Assistant Professor Purdue University 1992-1995


Fellow, Institute of Physics (Elected 2015)
Fellow, American Association Advancement of Science (Elected 2013)
Fellow, American Physical Society (Elected 2004).
Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, Physics Department, Purdue University (2004)
Early Career Award (NSF) Award (1997-2002)
Career Advancement Award, National Science Foundation (1994)
Purdue University Fellow (1999-2004)
Alfred P. Sloan fellow (1994-1996)
Member of Collegio Ghislieri (1977-1981)


L. Vigani, M. Petrov, C. Tosciri


M. Bubna (Tezzaron Semiconductor)
M. Kress (Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories)
J. Zablocki (Amazon.Com)
Q. Liu (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
K. Potamianos (Post doc Berkeley National Laboratory)
A. Apresyan (Tollman Fellow Caltech University)
V. Veszpremi (ATOMKI Debrecen)
C. Rott (Assistant Professor Sungkyunkwan University)
M. Guenther (Visiting professor Arkansas State University)

A. Canepa (Staff Member TRIUMF Canada)
K. Giolo (Software applications for finance)
A. Roy (Staff Member NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratories)
A. Pompos (Assistant Professor University of Texas Southwestern Medical School)
T. Keaffaber (INTEL)
K. Hoffman (Associate Professor Maryland University)
M. Kruse (Associate Professor Duke University)

Talks on Silicon Sensors for Particle Physics:

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3


BSM Higgs searches at ATLAS (2014-present); Searches, discovery, and study of the Higgs Boson at CMS (2008-2014); Searches for the Higgs and SUSY particles at CDF (2001-present, coordinator of the missing energy + heavy quark subgroup of the CDF Higgs discovery group), top physic at CDF (1991-present), bottom physics at CDF (1991-2009)


Silicon detector development (1989-present)


B physics at CLEO (1982-1989)


Chair of the FNAL Program Advisory Committee (2014)
Member of the FNAL Program Advisory Committee (2011-2015)
US-CMS Upgrade Coordinator (2007-2013)
National advisor to the APS-DPF Task Force on Instrumentation (2011-2013)
Elected member to the LHC Users organization (2011-2013)
Member of the Mathematical & Physical Sciences Advisory Committee to the NSF (2008-2014)
Member of the CMS Phase 1 Pixel upgrade management board (2010-2014)
Member of the CMS Phase 2 Tracker Upgrade Steering committee (2010-present)
Member of the NSF committee of visitors to EPP (2009)
Member of High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP) to the DOE and NSF (2005-2008)
Member of Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) (2005-2007, 2008, 2010)
Member of the NSF EPP panel and the NSF LHC panel (2006)
Level 3 manager LHC US CMS Forward Pixel (2002-2009)
Elected Member Executive Committee of the APS-DPF (2003-2006)
Member University Research Association Fermilab external review committee (2005, 2006)
Member, DoE Review Panel for Brookhaven National Laboratory (2000, 2001)
Elected Member of the Fermi Executive Committee (2003-2006)
Member of the International Advisory Committee of the Vertex workshop (1997-present)

Organizer of CUWiP UK, Oxford, March 2015 and March 2016
Past Chair of the National organization of CUWiP, Conference Undergraduate Women in Physics
Co-organized with MIT, USC, and NCSU the 2011 CUWiP
Founder of the Particle Physics Master Class at Purdue, 2009-2012
Founder and co-leader of Quarknet at Purdue 2003-2013
Founder of the Sciencescape camp for middle school girls at Purdue, 1992
Founder of the Women in Physics organization at Purdue, 1992