Kathryn Boast

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Kathryn Boast

Physics Access Officer

I'm the Access Officer for Oxford Physics, as well as one of two Quantum Materials Outreach Officers. I am a keen physics communicator, and have taken on outreach opportunities in the department for a few years as both an undergraduate and graduate student.

For my role in Quantum Materials, I am developing resources to support the group in their efforts to engage the public with their work, as well as delivering hands-on talks and demonstrations for local schools and groups. You can find me and some of my work on the Quantum Materials YouTube channel! I'm excited to search for new ways to explain and explore the work of the quantum materials group with all sorts of people, from science teachers to passers-by.

As the Access Officer, I encourage those interested in studying physics and support students (and their teachers) who are considering applying for Physics at Oxford.

I completed my DPhil on LZ, a direct dark matter search experiment.

Dr Kathryn Boast [she/her]