Publications by Katherine Blundell

Counterparts to the Nuclear Bulge X-ray source population

AIP CONF PROC 1010 (2008) 117-121

AJ Gosling, RM Bandyopadhyay, KM Blundell, P Lucas

We present an initial matching of the source positions of the Chandra Nuclear Bulge X-ray sources to the new UKIDSS-GPS near-infrared survey of the Nuclear. Bulge. This task is made difficult by the extremely crowded nature of the region; despite this, we find candidate counterparts to similar to 50% of the X-ray sources. We show that detection in the J-band for a candidate counterpart to an X-ray source preferentially selects those candidate counterparts in the foreground whereas candidate counterparts with only detections in the H and K-bands are more likely to be Nuclear Bulge sources. We discuss the planned follow-up for these candidate counterparts.

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