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Low-multiplicity burst search at the Sudbury neutrino Observatory

Astrophysical Journal Letters 728 (2011)

B Aharmim, D Chauhan, J Farine, F Fleurot, ED Hallman, M Huang, C Kraus, MH Schwendener, CJ Virtue, SN Ahmed, K Boudjemline, MG Boulay, B Cai, M Chen, X Dai, FA Duncan, ED Earle, HC Evans, GT Ewan, RJ Ford, K Graham, E Guillian, PJ Harvey, J Heise, M Kos, JR Leslie, R MacLellan, HB Mak, R Martin, AB McDonald, AJ Noble, BC Robertson, P Skensved, A Wright, AE Anthony, M Jerkins, JR Klein, SR Seibert, N Barros, J Maneira, EW Beier, H Deng, M Dunford, WJ Heintzelman, CCM Kyba, N McCauley, GD Orebi Gann, JA Secrest, R Van Berg, A Bellerive, P-L Drouin, O Simard, D Sinclair, G Tešić, PJS Watson, F Zhang, B Beltran, S Habib, AL Hallin, C Howard, CB Krauss, M Bergevin, J Law, BG Nickel, SD Reitzner, JJ Simpson, YD Chan, J Detwiler, N Gagnon, KT Lesko, JC Loach, AWP Poon, G Prior, SD Biller, BT Cleveland, G Doucas, H Fergani, NA Jelley, S Majerus, HM O'keeffe, SJM Peeters, H Wan Chan Tseung, N West, JR Wilson, K Zuber, SR Elliott, A Hime, K Rielage, LC Stonehill, JA Formaggio, R Hazama, ML Miller, NS Oblath, RGH Robertson, N Tolich, BA Van Devender, JF Wilkerson, B Monreal, J Monroe, RA Ott, TJ Sonley, JTM Goon, T Kutter, RL Hahn, M Yeh, B Jamieson, SM Oser, T Tsui, RL Helmer

Results are reported from a search for low-multiplicity neutrino bursts in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. Such bursts could indicate the detection of a nearby core-collapse supernova explosion. The data were taken from Phase I (1999 November-2001 May), when the detector was filled with heavy water, and Phase II (2001 July-2003 August), when NaCl was added to the target. The search was a blind analysis in which the potential backgrounds were estimated and analysis cuts were developed to eliminate such backgrounds with 90% confidence before the data were examined. The search maintained a greater than 50% detection probability for standard supernovae occurring at a distance of up to 60 kpc for Phase I and up to 70 kpc for Phase II. No low-multiplicity bursts were observed during the data-taking period. © 2011. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printedin the U.S.A.

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