Publications by Steve Biller

A search for neutrinos from the solar hep reaction and the diffuse supernova neutrino background with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Astrophysical Journal 653 (2006) 1545-1551

B Aharmim, SN Ahmed, AE Anthony, EW Beier, A Bellerive, M Bergevin, SD Biller, MG Boulay, YD Chan, M Chen, X Chen, BT Cleveland, GA Cox, CA Currat, X Dai, F Dalnoki-Veress, H Deng, J Detwiler, M DiMarco, PJ Doe, G Doucas, PL Drouin, FA Duncan, M Dunford, JA Dunmore, ED Earle, HC Evans, GT Ewan, J Farine, H Fergani, F Fleurot, RJ Ford, JA Formaggio, N Gagnon, JT Goon, K Graham, E Guillian, RL Hahn, AL Hallin, ED Hallman, PJ Harvey, R Hazama, KM Heeger, WJ Heintzelman, J Heise, RL Helmer, RJ Hemingway, R Henning, A Hlme, C Howard, MA Howe, M Huang, P Jagam, NA Jelley, JR Klein, LL Kormos, M Kos, A Krüger, C Kraus, CB Krauss, T Kutter, CCM Kyba, H Labranche, R Lange, J Law, IT Lawson, KT Lesko, JR Leslie, JC Loach, S Luoma, R MacLellan, S Majerus, HB Mak, J Maneira, AD Marino, R Martin, N McCauley, AB McDonald, S McGee, C Mifflin, KKS Miknaitis, ML Miller, B Monreal, BG Nickel, AJ Noble, EB Norman, NS Oblath, CE Okada, HM O'Keeffe, GDO Gann, SM Oser, R Ott, SJM Peeters, AWP Poon, G Prior, K Rielage, BC Robertson, RGH Robertson, E Rollin, MH Schwendener

A search has been made for neutrinos from the hep reaction in the Sun and from the diffuse supernova neutrino background (DSNB) using data collected during the first operational phase of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, with an exposure of 0.65 ktons yr. For the hep neutrino search, two events are observed in the effective electron energy range of 14.3 MeV < Teff < 20 MeV, where 3.1 background events are expected. After accounting for neutrino oscillations, an upper limit of 2.3 × 104 cm-2 s-1 at the 90% confidence level is inferred on the integral total flux of hep neutrinos. For DSNB neutrinos, no events are observed in the effective electron energy range of 21 MeV < Teff < 35 MeV, and, consequently, an upper limit on the νe component of the DSNB flux in the neutrino energy range of 22.9 MeV < Eν < 36.9 MeVof 70 cm-2 s-1 is inferred at the 90% confidence level. This is an improvement by a factor of 6.5 on the previous best upper limit on the hep neutrino flux and by 2 orders of magnitude on the previous upper limit on the νe component of the DSNB flux. © 2006. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.

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