Publications by Steve Biller

Science capabilities of the VERITAS array of 10 m imaging atmospheric Cherenkov gamma-ray detectors

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 4834 (2002) 276-287

D Kieda, SD Biller, P Boyle, IH Bond, SM Bradbury, JH Buckley, DA Carter-Lewis, S Criswell, W Cui, P Dowkontt, C Duke, A Falcone, DJ Fegan, SJ Fegan, JP Finley, L Fortson, JA Gaidos, S Gammell, K Gibbs, J Hall, AM Hillas, J Holder, D Horan, M Kertzman, J Knapp, F Krennrich, S LeBohec, J Lloyd-Evans, P Moriarity, D M̈ller, P Ogden, R Ong, D Petry, J Quinn, PT Reynolds, HJ Rose, M Schroedter, J Smith, GH Sembrowski, SP Swordy, VV Vassiliev, SP Wakely, G Walker, TC Weekes

The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) is an array of seven 10m aperture telescopes used for gamma-ray astronomy in the 50 GeV to 50 TeV (1 TeV= 1012electron Volt) energy range. The gamma rays are detected by measuring the optical Cherenkov light emitted by the cascade of electromagnetic particles that is generated by interactions of the high energy gamma-ray with the Earth's Atmosphere. This paper describes the science goals of the VERITAS array, a description of the array, and expected performance of the instrument.

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