Publications by Douglas Bett

Progress towards electron-beam feedback at the nanometre level at the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF2) at KEK

6th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC 2015 (2015) 1133-1135

NB Kraljevic, DR Bett, T Bromwich, PN Burrows, GB Christian, MR Davis, C Perry

Copyright © 2015 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors. Ultra-low latency beam-based digital feedbacks have been developed by the Feedback On Nanosecond Timescales (FONT) Group and tested at the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF2) at KEK in a programme aimed at beam stabilisation at the nanometre level at the ATF2 final focus. Three prototypes were tested: 1) A feedback system based on high-resolution stripline BPMs was used to stabilise the beam orbit in the beamline region c. 50m upstream of the final focus. 2) Information from this system was used in a feed-forward mode to stabilise the beam locally at the final focus. 3) A final-focus local feedback system utilising cavity BPMs was deployed. In all three cases the degree of beam stabilisation was observed in high-precision cavity BPMs at the ATF2 interaction point. Latest results are reported on stabilising the beam position to below 100 nanometres.

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