Publications by Douglas Bett

Study of transverse pulse-to-pulse orbit jitter at the kek accelerator test facility 2 (atf2)

IPAC 2012 - International Particle Accelerator Conference 2012 (2012) 936-938

J Resta-Lopez, J Alabau-Gonzalvo, DR Bett, PN Burrows, GB Christian, MR Davis, C Perry, R Apsimon, B Constance, A Gerbershagen

For future linear colliders the precise control and mitigation of pulse-to-pulse orbit jitter will be very important to achieve the required luminosity. Diagnostic techniques for the orbit jitter measurement and correction for multibunch operation are being addressed at the KEK Accelerator Test Facility 2 (ATF2). In this paper we present recent studies on the vertical jitter propagation through the ATF2 extraction line and final focus system. For these studies the vertical pulse-to-pulse position and angle jitter have been measured using the available stripline beam position monitors in the beamline. The cases with and without intra-train orbit feedback correction in the ATF2 extraction line are compared. Copyright © 2012 by IEEE.

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