Publications by Douglas Bett

The FONT5 Bunch-by-Bunch Position and Angle Feedback System at ATF2

Physics Procedia Elsevier 37 (2012) 2063-2071

RJ Apsimon, Bett, P Burrows, G Christian, B Constance, Davis, A Gerbershagen, C Perry, J Resta-Lopez

<p>The FONT5 upstream beam-based feedback system at ATF2 is designed to correct the position and angle jitter at the entrance to the ATF2 final-focus system, and also to demonstrate a prototype intra-train feedback system for the International Linear Collider interaction point. We discuss the hardware, from stripline BPMs to kickers, and RF and digital signal processing, as well as presenting results from the latest beam tests at ATF2.</p>

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