Publications by Douglas Bett

Latest performance results from the FONT5 intra-train position and angle feedback system at ATF2

IPAC 2011 - 2nd International Particle Accelerator Conference (2011) 520-522

GB Christian, RJ Apsimon, DR Bett, PN Burrows, MR Davis, A Gerbershagen, C Perry, B Constance, J Resta-Lopez

A prototype Interaction Point beam-based feedback system for future electron-positron colliders, such as the International Linear Collider, has been designed and tested on the extraction line of the KEK Accelerator Test Facility (ATF). The FONT5 intra-train feedback system aims to stabilise the beam orbit by correcting both the position and angle jitter in the vertical plane on bunch-to-bunch timescales, providing micron-level stability at the entrance to the ATF2 final-focus system. The system comprises three stripline beam position monitors (BPMs) and two stripline kickers, custom low-latency analogue front-end BPM processors, a custom FPGA-based digital processing board with fast ADCs, and custom kicker-drive amplifiers. An overview of the hardware, and the latest results from beam tests at ATF2, will be presented. A total systemlatency as low as approximately 140 ns has been demonstrated. Copyright © 2011 by IPAC'11/EPS-AG.

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