Elliot Bentine

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Elliot Bentine

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I'm a postdoc working in Chris Foot's group. We use laser cooling and magnetic trapping techniques to cool and confine 2D gases of Rb.


You might be interested in our performant MOT simulation code, AtomECS, which was recently released open source.

Other stuff

I also have a keen interest in computer graphics and game development. Some examples include:

  • I wrote ProPixelizer, a plug-in for the Unity game engine which renders 3D objects as if they were 2D sprites. It uses a new rendering technique which is reminiscent of inferred rendering. Now at over 150 copies sold!
  • A space battle simulation, written as a data-oriented example using Unity's ECS implementation.


An interactive simulation of evaporative cooling can be found here. It requires a browser that supports WebGL 2.0 (either Firefox or Chrome as of May 2018).