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Integrated silicon nitride time-bin entanglement circuits

Optics Letters Optical Society of America 43 (2018) 3469-3472

X Zhang, B Bell, A Mahendra, C Xiong, PHW Leong, BJ Eggleton

Time-bin entangled photons allow robust entanglement distribution over quantum networks. Integrated photonic circuits positioned at the nodes of a quantum network can perform the important functions of generating highly entangled photons and precisely manipulating their quantum state. In this Letter, we demonstrate time-bin entangled photon generation, noise suppression, wavelength division, and entanglement analysis on a single photonic chip utilizing low-loss double-stripe silicon nitride waveguide structures. Quantum state tomography results show 91±0.7% fidelity compared with the ideal state, indicating that highly entangled photons are generated and analyzed. This work represents a crucial step toward practical quantum networks.

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