Daniel Befort

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Daniel Befort

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am a postdoctoral researcher working on the EU Horizon 2020 project EUCP: European Climate Prediction system. This project aims to develop an European climate prediction system based on global initialized decadal predictions, uninitialized climate projections and high-resolution regional climate model simulations.

My work within EUCP focuses on:

  1. Development of methods to merge information from initialized predictions and uninitialized climate projections to obtain seamless information beyond decadal time scales
  2. The quantification of the added value of initialized decadal predictions over uninitialized climate predictions
  3. Assessing different methodologies to represent model uncertainties, including Multi-Model Ensembles and stochastic physics.

Besides, I am currently externally contracted by ECMWF to investigate high-frequency variability in reanalyses and seasonal forecasts.

Prior to working at the University of Oxford, I was employed at University of Birmingham (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) after undertaking my PhD at Freie University Berlin on the topic of the variability of the Indian Monsoon during the past 6000 years.

As I have been working on several projects, I published scientific results and developed a vast interest in many scientific areas, including:

  1. Prediction and variability of tropical and extra-tropical cyclones
  2. Indian and East Asian Monsoon systems
  3. Seasonal forecasting