Jean-Loup Baudino

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Jean-Loup Baudino


email: dr.jean-loup.baudino hotmail com

French astronomer, Dr. of the Observatory of Paris

Modelling and analysing observations of directly imaged exoplanets

Identifying instrument capabilities

Improving the state-of-the-art of modelling

Twitter: @DrJLoupBaudino

I model the atmosphere of Young Extrasolar Giant Planet, espetially using Exo-REM a model that I developped during my PhD.

I am analysing Exoplanet Direct Imaging data using forward modelling and retrieval (NEMESIS), I developed in Oxford an innovative way to combine the two approaches.

I am involve in the SPHERE consortium that designs the eponym instrument for the Very Large Telescope observatory.

I helped to select the exoplanet target list of the MIRI European consortium that build the eponym instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope.

I am advocating a community work to understand well the differences and similarities between the exoplanet models available.
You are a modeller? Feel free to try my benchmark protocol !

Up-to-date published work in the right column.

Up-to-date publications (preprint included).

Some presentations around current work:

EPSC 2017: Are we ready to characterize exoplanet atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope observations ?

EGU 2019: Exploiting the state of the art of direct imaging data: combining forward model and retrieval to analyse SPHERE observations


PhD manuscript (in French)