Publications by Riccardo Bartolini

Feasibility studies for echo-enabled harmonic generation on clara

FEL 2013: Proceedings of the 35th International Free-Electron Laser Conference (2013) 588-593

IPS Martin, R Bartolini, N Thompson

The Compact Linear Accelerator for Research and Ap- plications (CLARA) is a proposed single-pass FEL test facility, designed to facilitate experimental studies of ad- vanced FEL techniques applicable to the next generation of light source facilities. One such scheme under consid- eration is Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation (EEHG). In this paper we explore the suitability of CLARA for carry- ing out studies of this scheme, combining analytical and numerical calculations to determine likely hardware oper- ating ranges, parameters tolerances and estimated FEL per- formance. A possible adaptation to convert EEHG into a short-pulse scheme is also considered. Copyright © 2013 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors.

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