Publications by Riccardo Bartolini

Ultra-low emittance upgrade options for third generation light sources

IPAC 2013: Proceedings of the 4th International Particle Accelerator Conference (2013) 237-239

R Bartolini, T Pulampong

The increasing efforts in the synchrotron light sources community toward the design of a diffraction limited source at multi-keV photon energy have eventually stimulated the existing facilities to investigate possible upgrade paths to higher photon brightness and lower emittances to maintain their competitiveness within the users' community. We present a possible option for upgrading 3rd generation light sources based on a rebuild of the arcs with MBA cells, using diamond as an example. Emphasis is given to the AP design issues with a view to minimal changes to the machine layout, contained cost and minimal downtime. Copyright © 2013 by JACoW.

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