Publications by Riccardo Bartolini

Operating the diamond light source in lowalpha mode for users

IPAC 2013: Proceedings of the 4th International Particle Accelerator Conference (2013) 246-248

IPS Martin, G Cinque, G Rehm, CA Thomas, R Bartolini

Since its first introduction in April 2009, the low alpha operational mode has been continually refined in order to best meet the needs of the user community. Initially the lattice was used only to generate short x-ray pulses, for which a stable, low emittance, single bunch was requested, with the emphasis placed on increased bunch charge over shortest absolute pulse duration. More recently, the lattice has been adapted to enhance the CSR gain in the THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this paper we summarise the work carried out in order to meet these two demands. Copyright © 2013 by JACoW.

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