Riccardo Bartolini

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Riccardo Bartolini

Professor of Accelerator Physics

I graduated at the University of Pisa with a thesis on compact free electron laser and hold a PhD in Physics obtained in 1997 at the University of Bologna and CERN with a thesis on the nonlinear beam dynamics in the CERN-LHC.

I was staff at ENEA research centre in Frascati, Italy, working on Free Electron Lasers. In 2003 I moved to the Diamond Light Source where I became Head of the Accelerator Physics Group in 2005. I led the AP effort during the commissioning of the Diamond booster and storage ring. Since 2007 I hold a joint appointment with the John Adams Institute where I extended my research to applications of laser plasma wakefield accelerators and advanced beam diagnostics.

In November 2012 I was nominated "Diamond Research Fellow" in a Recognition of Research Excellence at the Diamond Light Source. I became Professor of Accelerator Physics in February 2014. I was member of the STFC Project Peer Review Panel (PPRP), the STFC Accelerator Review Panel (ARP) and the STFC Accelerator Strategy Board (ASB). I am currently member of the Cockcroft Institute Scientific Advisory Committee, of the MICE project board, and of the Machine Advisory Committee of ANKA (Karlsruhe), DESY (Hamburg), HEPS (Beijing), INFN (Italy). I chair the MAC of the Iranian Light Source Facility and the STFC HL-LHC UK Oversight Committee. In March 2018 I have been appointed Technical Director of SESAME taking a 4 years leave from Oxford. In June 2020 I have taken up the position of Leading Scientist and PETRA IV Machine Project Leader at DESY.

Accelerator Physics for undergraduates (S19)
Accelerator Physics graduate course

Highlights of our research include:

  • Accelerator Physics
  • Free Electron Lasers
  • Accelerator technology for ultra low emittance rings
  • Applications of Laser Plasma Accelerators

The group includes

  • J. Li (PhD student: Integrated desing of electrons and photon optics for ultra-low emittance rings)
  • M. Korostelev (PDRA: desing of ultra low emittance rings for 4th generation light sources)

Former students and post-docs

  • A. Alekou (PDRA: low emittance lattice design)
  • M. Atay (M.Sc: collective effects in storage rings)
  • T. Pulampong (PhD student: ultra low emittance lattices)
  • T. Chattanwata (PhD student: beam dynamics for 4th generation light sources)
  • E. Maclean (CERN doctoral student: nonlinear dynamics at the CERN-LHC)
  • I. Martin (Ultrashort pulses form FEL and storage rings)
  • S. Bajlekov (with Prof. S.Hooker FEL driven by a Laser Plasma Accelerator)
  • J. Puntree (M.Sc: collective effects in storage rings
  • L. Malisheva (PDRA: interaction point design and low emittance lattice)