Riccardo Bartolini

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Riccardo Bartolini

Professor of Accelerator Physics

I graduated at the University of Pisa with a thesis on compact free electron laser and hold a PhD in Physics obtained in 1997 at the University of Bologna and CERN with a thesis on the nonlinear beam dynamics in the CERN-LHC.

I was staff at ENEA research centre in Frascati, Italy, working on Free Electron Lasers. In 2003 I moved to the Diamond Light Source where I became Head of the Accelerator Physics Group in 2005. I led the AP effort during the commissioning of the Diamond booster and storage ring. Since 2007 I hold a joint appointment with the John Adams Institute where I extended my research to applications of laser plasma wakefield accelerators and advanced beam diagnostics.

In November 2012 I was nominated "Diamond Research Fellow" in a Recognition of Research Excellence at the Diamond Light Source. I became Professor of Accelerator Physics in February 2014. I was member of the STFC Project Peer Review Panel (PPRP) and the STFC Accelerator Review Panel (ARP). I am presently member of the STFC Accelerator Strategy Board (ASB), of the Cockcroft Institute Scientific Advisory Committee, of the MICE project board, and of the Machine Advisory Committee of ANKA (Karlsruhe), DESY (Hamburg), HEPS (Beijing), INFN (Italy). I chair the MAC of the Iranian Light Source Facility and the STFC HL-LHC UK Oversight Committee.

Highlights of my research includes

  • beam physics and FEL physics;
  • commissioning of Diamond booster and storage ring;
  • 2010 world record for smallest V emittance (2pm) in storage rings;
  • leading the design of the Linac for the UK New Light source project;
  • first measurement of a sub-ps electron bunch profile with coherent Smith-Purcell radiation at FACET
  • conceptual design of the Diamond-II upgrade
  • magnets desing and measurements for ultra-low emittnace rings
  • leading role in the design of FELs schemes for SPARC, for the UK New light source and supervising the Diamond/JAI input to CLARA.

Accelerator Physics for undergraduates (S19)
Accelerator Physics graduate course

I lead the Beam and FEL Physics Group at the John Adams Institute of the University of Oxford. Highlights of our research include:

  • Accelerator Physics
  • Free Electron Lasers
  • Beam Diagnostics
  • Applications of Laser Plasma Accelerators

The group includes

  • A. Alekou (PDRA: low emittance lattice design)
  • T. Pulampong (PhD student: ultra low emittance lattices)
  • T. Chattanwata (PhD student: beam dynamics for 4th generation light sources)

Former graduate students

  • E. Maclean (CERN doctoral student: nonlinear dynamics at the CERN-LHC)
  • I. Martin (Ultrashort pulses form FEL and storage rings)
  • S. Bajlekov (with Prof. S.Hooker FEL driven by a Laser Plasma Accelerator)
  • J. Puntree (PhD student: collective effects in storage rings
  • L. Malisheva (PDRA: interaction point design and low emittance lattice)

I also lead the Accelerator Physics Group at the Diamond Light Source