Publications by Joanna Barstow

From spectra to atmospheres: Solving the underconstrained retrieval problem for exoplanets

Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union 8 (2013) 275-276

JK Barstow, S Aigrain, PGJ Irwin, N Bowles, LN Fletcher, JM Lee

Spectroscopic observations of transiting exoplanets have provided the first indications of their atmospheric structure and composition. Optimal estimation retrievals have been successfully applied to solar system planets to determine the temperature, composition and aerosol properties of their atmospheres, and have recently been applied to exoplanets. We show the effectiveness of the technique when combined with simulated observations from the proposed space telescope EChO, and also discuss the difficulty of constraining a complex system with sparse data and large uncertainties, using the super-Earth GJ 1214b as an example. Copyright © 2013, International Astronomical Union.

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