Publications by Thomas Barrett

Fully reconfigurable coherent optical vector–matrix multiplication

Optics Letters The Optical Society 45 (2020) 5752-5752

J Spall, X Guo, TD Barrett, A Lvovsky

Optics is a promising platform in which to help realise the next generation of fast, parallel and energy-efficient computation. We demonstrate a reconfigurable free-space optical multiplier that is capable of over 3000 computations in parallel, using spatial light modulators with a pixel resolution of only 340x340. This enables vector-matrix multiplication and parallel vector-vector multiplication with vector size of up to 56. Our design is the first to simultaneously support optical implementation of reconfigurable, large-size and real-valued linear algebraic operations. Such an optical multiplier can serve as a building block of special-purpose optical processors such as optical neural networks and optical Ising machines.

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