Adam Barker

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Adam Barker

DPhil student

I am a 3rd year DPhil student at Magdalen College, working with Prof. Christopher Foot in the study of ultra-cold atomic gases. I have studied at the University of Cambridge, where I did my BA and MSci, specialising in experimental physics and completing a Master's project in Prof. Hadzibabic's group.

I am a College Lecturer at St. Peter's College, tutoring the 2nd year undergraduate physics course. I have previously held positions as College Lecturer in Physics and Engineering at Magdalen College.

I am particularly interested in exploring multi-species systems and using cold atoms to simulate macroscopic environments, such as Josephson junction analogues using two Bose-Einstein condensates. I have previously been involved in studying two-body correlations in a BEC, using Bragg spectroscopy.