Publications by Christopher Ballance

Injection locking of two frequency-doubled lasers with 3.2 GHz offset for driving Raman transitions with low photon scattering in<sup>43</sup>Ca+

Optics Letters 38 (2013) 5087-5089

NM Linke, CJ Ballance, DM Lucas

We describe the injection locking of two infrared (794 nm) laser diodes that are each part of a frequency-doubled laser system. An acousto-optic modulator in the injection path gives an offset of 1.6 GHz between the lasers for driving Raman transitions between states in the hyperfine split (by 3.2 GHz) ground level of43Ca+. The offset can be disabled for use in40Ca+. We measure the relative linewidth of the frequency-doubled beams to be 42 mHz in an optical heterodyne measurement. The use of both injection locking and frequency doubling combines spectral purity with high optical power. Our scheme is applicable for providing Raman beams across other ion species and neutral atoms where coherent optical manipulation is required. © 2013 Optical Society of America.

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