Christopher Ballance

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Christopher Ballance

Research Fellow

I work in the field of quantum computing. Quantum computers are a new form of computer that manipulate information in a vastly different and more powerful way than conventional computers. Sufficiently large quantum computers can solve problems intractable on any type of non-quantum ("classical") hardware. For example, a quantum computer would be able to simulate the physics or chemistry of complex problems impossible to model on a classical super-computer. This would profoundly impact scientific research, and allow access to regimes that are currently beyond experimental or theoretical reach; for example in quantum chemistry, or condensed matter physics.

In my research I use individual trapped atomic ions as the embodiment of quantum information ("qubits"). My research focuses on developing techniques and technologies to manipulate these qubits at sufficient scale, and with sufficient precision, to build useful quantum computers.

Alongside my research into quantum computing techniques I am co-founder of a company, Oxford Ionics, that seeks to use these techniques to build commercial quantum computers.