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Tessa Baker

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

I am a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the theoretical cosmology group, and a Fellow of All Souls college.

The major focus of my research is theories of modified gravity and their observational consequences. These theories are proposed in order to explain the accelerating expansion of our universe, and testing them is a key target for current and future experiments. I am particularly interested in developing mathematical tools to link theoretical and observational work, and constructing novel, model-independent probes of gravity.

Personal webpage: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~lady2729/Welcome.html (needs a little updating).

In Hilary term 2018 I am lecturing part of the cosmology course for the MMathPhys programme. The course website can be found here (click on the Teaching tab at the top):

Cosmology course website.

In Hilary term 2017 I gave some lectures on weak gravitational lensing. The lecture notes can be found below.

Lecture notes on (weak) gravitational lensing.

In 2012 I tutored third-year undergraduates in General Relativity at St Catherine's College.


In 2014 I won the 'SET for Britain' Cavendish medal (gold) for the public communication of science.

In 2015 I was awarded a scholarship by the US-UK Fulbright Commission, to support a one-year visit to the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Also in 2015, I won the science category of the `Women of the Future Awards'.


I regularly give talks in schools, astronomical societies and other public spaces. I also do some media work; a few features are listed below. I tweet -- mainly science++, but occasionally personal -- from @Tessa_M_Baker .