Publications by Farrukh Azfar

Search for resonant top-antitop production in the lepton plus jets decay mode using the full CDF data set

Physical Review Letters 110 (2013)

T Aaltonen, S Amerio, D Amidei, A Anastassov, A Annovi, J Antos, G Apollinari, JA Appel, T Arisawa, A Artikov, J Asaadi, W Ashmanskas, B Auerbach, A Aurisano, F Azfar, W Badgett, T Bae, A Barbaro-Galtieri, VE Barnes, BA Barnett, P Barria, P Bartos, M Bauce, F Bedeschi, S Behari, G Bellettini, J Bellinger, D Benjamin, A Beretvas, A Bhatti, KR Bland, B Blumenfeld, A Bocci, A Bodek, D Bortoletto, J Boudreau, A Boveia, L Brigliadori, C Bromberg, E Brucken, J Budagov, HS Budd, K Burkett, G Busetto, P Bussey, P Butti, A Buzatu, A Calamba, S Camarda, M Campanelli, F Canelli, B Carls, D Carlsmith, R Carosi, S Carrillo, B Casal, M Casarsa, A Castro, P Catastini, D Cauz, V Cavaliere, M Cavalli-Sforza, A Cerri, L Cerrito, YC Chen, M Chertok, G Chiarelli, G Chlachidze, K Cho, D Chokheli, MA Ciocci, A Clark, C Clarke, ME Convery, J Conway, M Corbo, M Cordelli

This Letter reports a search for a narrow resonant state decaying into two W bosons and two b quarks where one W boson decays leptonically and the other decays into a quark-antiquark pair. The search is particularly sensitive to top-antitop resonant production. We use the full data sample of proton-antiproton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.96 TeV collected by the CDF II detector at the Fermilab Tevatron, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 9.45 fb-1. No evidence for resonant production is found, and upper limits on the production cross section times branching ratio for a narrow resonant state are extracted. Within a specific benchmark model, we exclude a Z′boson with mass, MZ′, below 915 GeV/c2 decaying into a top-antitop pair at the 95% credibility level assuming a Z′boson decay width of ΓZ′=0.012MZ′. This is the most sensitive search for a narrow qq̄-initiated tt̄ resonance in the mass region below 750 GeV/c2. © 2013 American Physical Society.

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