Publications by Karen Aplin

Cosmic ray measurements in the atmosphere at several latitudes in October, 2014

Proceedings of Science 30-July-2015 (2015)

V Makhmutov, G Bazilevskaya, Y Stozhkov, M Philippov, Y Yair, R Yaniv, G Harrison, K Nicoll, K Aplin

Cosmic ray fluxes in the atmosphere were recorded during balloon flights in October 2014 in northern Murmansk region, Apatity (Russia; 67o33'N, 33o24'E), in Antarctica (observatory Mirny; 66o33'S, 93o00'E), in Moscow (Russia; 55o45'N, 37o37'E), in Reading (United King- dom; 51o27'N, 0o 58'W), in Mitzpe-Ramon (Israel; 30o36'N, 34o48'E) and in Zaragoza (Spain; 41o9'N, 0o54'W). Two type of cosmic ray detectors were used, namely, (1) the standard ra- diosonde and its modification constructed at the Lebedev Physical Institute (Moscow, Russia) and (2) the device manufactured at the Reading University (Reading, United Kingdom). We compare and analyze obtained data and focus on the estimation of the cosmic ray latitudinal effect in the atmosphere.

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