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Nathan Adams

Graduate Student

I am a third year DPhil student working with Matt Jarvis and Rebecca Bowler in the Galaxies group.

My work focuses on Galaxy Evolution, Activity and Environments in the very early universe (10% of its current age, z>3) through the combination of observational surveys in multiple wavelengths (Visible, Infra-red and Radio). I am using two world leading surveys, VIDEO and MIGHTEE, which involve large international scientific collaborations including the European Southern Observatory and the Square Kilometer Array. I am also involved in the development of Galaxy Catalogues and Photometric Redshifts which will be used to prepare for upcoming projects such as LSST, Euclid and MOONS.

I also play a role in the development of Australian participation in ESO projects. I spent 6 months working in Perth and am a member of the DEVILS survey.

STEM outreach is also a very important aspect of my work, spending 2 years on the University of Birmingham’s Astronomy Society committee as well as presenting and helping to organise a monthly event called Astronomy in the City in collaboration with the University. I am also a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and open to giving talks to any audience.

You can find out more at my Website