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Nathan Adams

Graduate Student

I am a third year DPhil student working with Matt Jarvis and Rebecca Bowler in the Galaxies group.

My work focuses on Galaxy Evolution, Activity and Environments across the most of the age of the universe (0.1 < z < 6), with a particular focus on the most massive and luminous galaxies. This work is conducted through the combination of observational surveys in multiple wavelengths (Visible, Infra-red and Radio). I am using two world leading surveys, VIDEO and MIGHTEE, which involve large international scientific collaborations including the European Southern Observatory and the Square Kilometer Array. I am also involved in the development of Galaxy Catalogues and Photometric Redshifts which will be used to prepare for upcoming projects such as LSST, Euclid and MOONS.

I also play a role in the development of Australian participation in ESO projects. I spent 6 months working in Perth and am a member of the DEVILS survey.

STEM outreach is also a very important aspect of my work, spending 2 years on the University of Birmingham’s Astronomy Society committee as well as presenting and helping to organise a monthly event called Astronomy in the City in collaboration with the University. I am also a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and open to giving talks to any audience.

You can find out more at my Website