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Information on the main physics websites.

If you are a newcomer, please see the newcomers' guide to the web

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General information about creating a new blog and blog entries on Physics website

Under this section of Physics website you can find all the blogs that have been set up for Physics users. Users with a valid Physics account may contribute to these blogs.

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Introduction to OxFile service that can be used to share files with members, and with people outside the University

OxFile is an easy way for members of Oxford University to share files with members, and with people outside the University. Individual files up to 25Gb in size may be uploaded and kept on Oxfile for up to 30 days. Using this service you can share files as well as receive files.

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Web services available to members of Department of Physics

All official websites, including these of departments and research groups, must comply with the rules for Oxford University website. For up-to-date information e.g. what domain name you can request for project's website as well as where it can be hosted please read this page.

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Instruction how to reduce size of PDF file on Windows and Linux

You would need to have access to Adobe Acrobat X Pro (free version is not enough). Adobe Acrobat X Pro is installed on the Windows Terminal Server (how to access Windows Terminal Server).

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Web pages hosted by the unix systems

What is provided

Some personal webspace is made available so that you can easily share small files with external collaborators.

What it is not

This webspace unsuitable for large php or other scripting language script-based websites. For such applications it is better to work with central IT (itsupportATphysics.ox.ac.uk) to set up a webserver that meets your requirements. For content management, we can set up a Drupal system and for wiki's we suggest media wiki.

Where it is

The URL is:

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Listing of known Oxford Physics SharePoint sites

Departmental SharePoint Sites

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Linking between pages on the physics website

To find out how to create links, see Formatting web content

There are several ways that the website can link pages

Auto linking

Autolinking is where you type in a link in the content of your page

e.g. http://www.google.com

As you can see, the website automatically links the page to the correct url.

Disabling autolinking

Sometimes, the autolinking can be a little too zealous:

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Video tutorials on how to do content editing on the website. Covers multiple areas such as basic formatting, lists, linking, uploading, images, collapsing sections.

It is recommended that you look at the following resources to supplement the material on this page:

Click below to access one of our video tutorials on how to edit content on the Physics website using the Drupal content management system.

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How to arrange a meeting with other members of the department using a web browser

Login to the Exchange server via the web interface: https://mail.physics.ox.ac.uk

Click on Calendar and click on "New":

Enter a title for the meeting and click on "Scheduling Assistant"

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