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Overview of Exchange

Exchange 2010 provides all the elements of a messaging service in a single integrated solution:

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An introduction to the email system used in the physics department



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The migration from the Physics Exchange Server to Nexus 365 took place over the weekend of 2-5th March 2018. Please see below for a list of issues and their status.

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This article applies to Group B which contains those people who have been using both the Physics server and the Nexus service. The final stages of the migration of group B started on Friday 2nd March at around 2300 and should complete in stages over the weekend with all data transferred before the start of the working week.

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This article applies to Group A which contains those people who currently only use the Physics server and NOT the Nexus service. The migration of this group started at 18.00 on Friday 2nd March and finsihed around 2 hours later.

If you haven't already. please make sure you can

get to your Nexus365 mailbox using a web browser.

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How to configure your Apple Macintosh System for Nexus365

This webpage describes how to delete your existing email accounts and add Nexus 365.

When moving from the Physics Exchange server to Nexus 365 it is inevitable that you will need to create a new email account in your Apple mail client as you will be connecting to a completely different server. Although the situation with moving from Nexus to Nexus 365 is different, our experience is that a new account is also required.

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Steps for the n365 migration

Before setting up any other mail client, you need to go to the Nexus 365 web user interface

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General settings; details for the pine and mutt clients, and Postfix.

Some people find web-based or other graphical mail clients cumbersome or unwieldy, and there are circumstances under which using a graphical interface is inconvenient or simply not possible. Here are our recommendations for text-based mail clients on desktop systems in Physics.

Replacement strategy

The configuration instructions use metavariable names, which you should replace with values pertaining to you:

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Managing email lists and groups

There are currently two Oxford systems which hold email distribution list for the physics department. The first one is based on the department's active directory (AD) system. This is intended for lists that contain almost exclusively Oxford Physics staff and students. Because this system is closely integrated with other departmental services, lists can be automatically populated based on sub-department, location, role etc etc. The other system is the University's maillist server.

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How to get your nexus mailbox to forward OOO messages

Physics users are currently split over two email systems, the Physics system and the IT services Nexus system. This is a temporary situation as we expect to be fully migrated to Nexus by the summer of 2018. During this transitional period there is a problem in that Out-Of-Office (OOO) messages relating to other nexus users (i.e. most of the University) are not forwarded on to users who are still on the physics email service. So users still on the Physics system may want to make the following adjustments as a short term workaround.

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