Scientist on Assignment articles for Introduction

Getting my Ducks in a Row

Posted: 26 Aug 2014

I'm on the bus heading into London for my first full day at the FT. It's the Tuesday after the long weekend but I'm not as rested as that might lead you to believe. Being a BSA media fellow will take me out of the lab for an entire month, which is a long time for a post-doctoral researcher. It will be entirely worth it but disappearing for such a long amount of time requires putting my house in order.

Over the weekend, I had to write up a brief contribution to the Supporting Material of a collaborator's thesis, re-submit a manuscript and complete a response to referee reports.

First Time to the FT

Posted: 30 Jul 2014

Today I visited the Financial Times newsroom for the the first time.

There was no immediate reason to visit except that the FT science editor, Clive Cookson, and I had yet to meet in person. We'd only spoken briefly over the phone back in May before the BSA placements were announced but that was an interview. This was an introductory visit.

Hello, World!

Posted: 27 Jul 2014

Hello, world. Welcome to Scientist on Assignment, a blog that I will use to share my personal experiences as an Oxford scientist working at the Financial Times for a month.

I have this wonderful opportunity to see how the media covers science through a British Science Association Media Fellowship.