19th March 2013 - Back home, but not for long

19 March 2013 by Angela Taylor

Baboon caught staring at us from across the site.

So after a busy trip, Jamie and I had to come back to the UK to cover our teaching commitments but most importantly to try and recruit a new research student to work with us on C-BASS.

Charlie has stayed on in South Africa to continue the testing, but he won't be alone for long. In fact, the next Oxford contingent are flying out tomorrow. The hope is that we'll almost be ready to put the receiver on to the telescope after the Easter break, but we'll see. We have to make sure that everything works fine while it is easy to get to on the ground, as once it is in the dish things can become much more tricky.

In the meantime, we thought you might like this picture of a cheeky baboon that we caught 'observing' us from across the site!