26th - 28th February 2013 - Unpacking and re-building C-BASS

2 March 2013 by Angela Taylor

Unpacking the electronics crate

It been a busy few days as we slowly unpacked all the crates and start to put C-BASS back together again.

Everything looks in good health so far, nothing broken. The guys at the HartRAO observatory built us a fantastic outdoor stand just outside the lab so that we could build and test the C-BASS receiver in the outdoors, while still using all our computers and equipment in the lab. The big advantage South Africa has over Oxford is the weather! We really wanted to point the C-BASS at the sky in Oxford before we left but the weather just wouldn't play ball with us. In fact since Christmas, it has been pretty much overcast, snowy and rainy in Oxford. Here we have nice sunny,warm days and pretty much clear skies.

Once the receiver is built up outside we have to connect it to our equipment in the lab. The signals coming out of the bottom of the receiver are taken by long cables into our lab where they are digitised and then processed by a whole rack of electronics. From there the data is collected on a computer, ready for us to analyse. That's a job for another day though. For now we are just happy that we have got signals coming out of the receiver outside.

Justin and Jamie starting to rebuild the receiverAngela and Charlie testing whether anything still works...