25th February 2013 - C-BASS has landed

2 March 2013 by Angela Taylor

C-BASS arriving at HartRAO

Jamie and I landed in Johannesberg at 10am this morning and were met by Charles at the airport. We drove over to the observtory and by complete chance arrived at the exact same time as C-BASS was being delivered.

Pieter skillfully unloaded the crates from the lorry and we got them into safe places ready for unpacking tomorrow. We are all pretty shattered after our flights down here so are going to leave the unpacking until tomorrow. In the meantime we took the opportunity to look around HartRAO. It's a fantastic place. We've got our own little lab to work on C-BASS and everyone is helpful and friendly. We'll be staying in the hostel on-site, so its only a short walk over to the lab each morning.

Pieter guiding the crates off the delivery lorry
Lowering the crates into place

In the late afternoon, Charles took us on a short walk around the site and into the veld. There's plenty of wildlife around here. As well as cows, sheep and goats wandering around there are also apparently monkeys, baboons, warthogs and plenty of birdlife. We'll try and get some photos as we spot things! We've been told to keep the doors and windows to the hostel closed when we aren't there as the monkeys can be quite cheeky and like going in to steal food.

Charles enjoying a beer on our first evening - you can see the C-BASS dish in the background as well as the 26m VLBI dish
Cows gazing in wonder at the 26m VLBI dish