12th February 2013 - time to pack

2 March 2013 by Angela Taylor

The cryostat in its special packing case

The day has finally arrived to pack everything up. Charles has already left for South Africa and Mike is away at a meeting in Australia, so it's left to Jamie and I to pack everything up (with a bit of help from the shipping company and our helpful colleagues in the Physics workshop and stores).

The cryostat is being put into a special crate of its own with tip and tilt monitors so that we can check if it incurs any damage on route.

It was quite nerve-wracking watching the cases being loaded up into the lorry, but we managed to get everything loaded without any accidents.

Loading the crates onto the lorry

The crates will sit with the shipping company in Didcot for a few days now while we get all the customs clearances we need to take the equipment into South Africa. Once we have all the paperwork, they will be flown to Johannesberg and then driven to the observatory. Fingers crossed nothing untoward happens to them on their way.