31st January 2013 - Final Testing in Oxford

1 March 2013 by Angela Taylor

Only a week or two to go before we want to ship the CBASS-S receiver out to South Africa and time for some final testing to check that all is well.

In the picture above you can see Mike and Jamie in our lab in Oxford doing a 'hot/cold load test' on the receiver. This is where we stick something cold (in this case liquid Nitrogen at 77K) and something at room temperature in front of the receiver to check out how it responds and how noisy it is. You can just make out most of the reciever at the back of lab where Jamie is stood on the ladder. You can see the feedhorn (yellowish in colour) mounted on top of the cylindrical cryostat.

Mike and Charles in the Oxford lab

Here's another picture, this time with Mike and Charles. Here they are putting a radio signal directly into the C-BASS feedhorn to check the response of the receiver.