Stargazing Oxford Photo Compeition 2016: Entries Open!

18 December 2015 by Joanna Barstow

Tarantula Nebula by 2015 Astro Phenomena Winner Slawomir Lipinski

Hello everyone! I'm sure you're all looking forward to the Holidays, and so are we in Oxford Astrophysics. But we're also thinking ahead to the New Year and there's plenty to be excited about! Stargazing Oxford returns on the 16th of January, and with it our annual Astrophotography competition. You can see last year's winners here.

The rules and regulations are the same as in previous years, and we welcome entries from anyone - amateur or professional. All photographs will be displayed in the department on the Stargazing Oxford event day and will remain up for the rest of the year. Photos can be taken using any equipment, including mobile phones, digital SLRs, and telescope mounted cameras. We are accepting entries in the following categories:

- Astro Phenomena: such as the aurora, a particular nebula or star cluster, or one of the Galilean moons
- Astro 'Scapes: such as the Moon on the horizon, a view of the transit of Venus, or long exposures of moving stars
- Young Photographer: we encourage entries from young photographers and we will be offering a special prize this year for the best photograph taken by an entrant of 16 or under.

Rules and Details

Editing of photos is allowed; however, the photo must remain true to its original. For example, one cannot replace the sky from a photo with the sky from a different photo. On the other hand, tidying up lens dirt or enhancing hue/saturation/contrast are acceptable. All entries must be e-mailed to 'catherine.hale at' (as a .jpg) by Midnight on Tuesday the 12th of January. Please include the word 'stargazing' in the e-mail subject so that it gets filtered correctly. If the photos are particularly high-res then please send a lower-res photo.

Only one entry per category per person.

The photos will be printed by us and displayed at the Stargazing Oxford event. If anything is unclear or you would like clarification on any of the rules, please send an e-mail to the address given above.

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