Clarendon 1962 - were you here?

4 May 2018 by Valeria Crowder

Clarendon 1962

Physics alumni attending the Morning of Theoretical Physics last January, would have witnessed Prof Terence Meaden (Physics alumnus, St Peter's College 1957) bringing this wonderful photo in a beautiful frame as a gift for the Department. Prof John Wheater (Head of Department) gladly accepted this on behalf of current staff & students, and it will be hanging in place of pride for our visitors to see.


On the Spring 2018 Physics newsletter, you will see the photo on page 15. Although we have all the names of the people featured, we'd like to add your anecdotes, stories and memories... or perhaps you can use this opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues?

Please send me any notes, comments, photos of that time you may have with your friends or tutors, anecdotes of what life was for a physics student in the 60's, or anything else you may want to add.
If you allow me, I will upload them all here, so we slowly build a wonderful memory for all to cherish.


I look forward to hearing from you,
...and all your stories!

Val Crowder (Alumni Relations)