The Final Dennis Sciama Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor David Deutsch FRS is now online

23 March 2016 by Valeria Crowder

Photo credit: ESA/Hubble

The Final Dennis Sciama Memorial Lecture

Professor David Deutsch FRS (Oxford)

Title: The Unity of the Universe

Thursday 3rd March, 2016. Martin Wood Lecture Theatre

Abstract: Dennis Sciama's 1959 book The Unity of the Universe was ostensibly about the Steady State theory, a cosmological/astrophysical theory which was to be comprehensively and irreversibly refuted by observations only a few years later. But it wasn't really about that. It was really about an idea that was not refuted and is deeper than any cosmology, namely the unity referred to in the title. Whether by coincidence or not, it is re-emerging as important in my current preoccupation, constructor theory.

Click here to see the video of the lecture.

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