AOPP Alumni Event - 'Climate change in the run-up to the Paris conference: what has Physics got to say?'

16 February 2016 by Valeria Crowder

Prof David Marshall, Prof Tim Palmer CBE FRS, Prof Laure Zanna, Prof Myles Allen and Prof Raymond Pierrehumbert, some of the current faculty in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics in Oxford engaged in the research that underpins the whole debate over climate change, hosted a fantastic event at The Royal Society, London, last November.
Before the event, The Royal Society offered a tour of the Organisation to Physics Alumni attending the AOPP event.

Below, a list of the topics covered on the evening:

•Professor Ray Pierrehumbert: The long view - what makes our planet habitable?
•Professor Laure Zanna: The shorter view: ocean heat uptake and stop-start global warming
•Professor Tim Palmer: Uncertainty about future climate - a showstopper in Paris?
•Professor Myles Allen: How hot will it get in a world run by economists? A physicist’s take on climate policy.

The speakers have kindly shared the presentations in pdf format (see links on the side of this page). There is also a video to illustrate Prof Zanna's talk. If you would like to use or reproduce any of the material, please contact us beforehand.

The panel discussion was moderated by Professor David Marshall (Head of AOPP) followed by a drinks and canapés reception.
This was a very successful event and we are already planning the next one for Autumn.

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