Physics Alumni Networking event at the Oxford and Cambridge Club

10 February 2014 by Valeria Crowder

Oxford and Cambridge Club Alumni Networking Event

Prof Ramin Golestanian gave a lecture to Physics Alumni during a Physics networking event last Friday (7/2/14) at the beautiful Oxford and Cambridge Club (London). The subject was 'Living Matter'.

An audience of more than 65 people (alumni from all years, matriculated in 1965 up to 2010)enjoyed drinks and nibbles in the Drawing Room, while having the chance to talk to Prof Golestanian and his research group, as well as other members of the Department, including Dr John Wheater (current Head of Physics) and Prof James Binney (Head of the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics) and fellow alumni.

The host for the evening was Dr James Dodd (alumnus, St Cross/Keble 1973).

The Drawing Room, Oxford and Cambridge Club

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