Mrs Giana Kurti will be 100 years old - a message from Professor Harry Jones

8 April 2013 by Valeria Crowder

(a copy of a message circulated around the Department for alumni who may read this blog and are interested in signing the card or sending regards)

'Dear all,

On 15th April next, Mrs Giana Kurti, the widow of the late Prof Nicholas Kurti CBE FRS, will be one hundred years old. For those of us with long careers in Physics in Oxford, many owe a lot to Nicholas Kurti. His flamboyant but distinguished leadership and his highly esteemed position in Physics, especially low temperature physics, benefited many of us until his death at the age of 90 in 1998. Throughout these years Giana was very much a feature of his life and the lives of his colleagues, students and friends. She presided over many a social occasion in Brasenose, Blandford Avenue and within the department and was well-liked and respected by all. She formally opened the Nicholas Kurti Magnetic Field Laboratory, in his memory, in 2002, and she made a generous gift to the department that enabled the setting up of the Nicholas Kurti Prizes that go not just to researchers and students but to support staff as well.
Although Giana is still very active and gets out and about most days, she is a little apprehensive of large social gatherings these days, owing to deafness, so the celebrations as such will be small and low key. I have been asked by her daughters if I will represent the department at a small tea party on 14th April. There are strict instructions about no presents but a card would be appreciated. There won’t be too many people left in the department now who know Giana personally, but anyone who would like to sign the card is welcome to do so. It would be good if a brief description, e.g. “Kurti Prize-winner”, ”Kurti Fellow” or “colleague of n years” etc, etc, could be added.
The card will be available at the Clarendon reception from Monday 8th April'.

Professor Harry Jones

Emeritus Professor of Condensed Matter Physics
University of Oxford
Department Of Physics
Clarendon Laboratory
Oxford Ox1 3PU
+44 (0)1865 272 326

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